One of the largest transportation and logistics companies in Russia

One of the largest transportation and logistics companies in Russia


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The legendary story of FESCO

The history of the parent company of the FESCO Transport Group – Far Eastern Shipping Company – began on April 25, 1880.

The history of the parent company of the FESCO Transportation Group - Far Eastern Shipping Company – goes back to April 25, 1880, when a representative office of the Russian Shipping Company Volunteer Fleet (“Dobroflot”) was set up in Vladivostok.

24 FESCO vessels were lost during the Great Patriotic War. But the company developed rapidly after the war.

In the second half of the 20th century, FESCO became the leader of the international linear shipment market and supported Arctic navigation.

In early 1990s the new economic conditions made FESCO change its business model. Along with the active development of the line shipping, starting from the 2000s the company began transforming into a universal intermodal carrier.

FESCO became one of the Russia’s largest private transportation and logistic companies with port, railway and integrated logistic assets.
1880 – 1935
1936 – 1969
1970 – 1991
1992 – 2008
2008 – now

Sustainable development

The commitment to sustainable development is at the core of our business. We are doing everything to make sure that everyone who is somehow involved in our activities can fulfill their needs and unfold their potential.

An important part of our contribution to the sustainable development of the Russian society is our long-term programs that help to solve the most pressing social problems in our operations areas.

“Sea of opportunities” contest
Assistance to children Primorsky Krai

To shareholders and investors

113,7 10% billion rubles revenue in 2021
47,5 1% billion rubles EBITDA в 2021
Stock quotes 73.38 ₽ 2.54
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We work with the best and are proud of our team.

The successful development of each employee and team success, honesty and openness, an atmosphere of mutual respect, concern for everyone and the high personal responsibility of managers to employees are the principles that make FESCO an attractive employer.



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