Project logistics

    • Engineering surveys (engineering & geodesic, engineering & geological)
    • Designing, engineering and detailed design documents, organization of construction operations project, method statement for crane operations
    • Renovation and construction of pipeline facilities, berth facilities, and haul roads
    • Certified specialists 
    • Management of crane lifting in tandem 
    • Use of hydraulic systems for horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads  
    • Heavy load handling using special handling devices 
    • Loading of high-tonnage cargoes on barges and railway transporters
    • Development of a loading, fastening and safe transportation plan
    • Obtaining permits for high-tonnage cargo transportation in EU countries
    • Knowledge of specific features related to Russian domestic roads for high-tonnage cargoes
    • Issuing permits in all Russian regions
    • Development of a loading, fastening and safe transportation plan  
    • Route coordination
  • Navigation throughout Russia:

    • Obtaining permits
    • Loading and fastening plan
    • Towing
    • Navigation in any region
    • Ro-Ro delivery, including to an unequipped shore
    • Urgent approval:

      • Navigation after the end of the season
      • Gateway opening

    • Preparing a set of documents and obtaining classification resolutions from the Federal Customs Service of Russia; 
    • Coordinating and opening temporary customs control zones; 
    • Coordinating and customs clearance of project cargoes in any point of Russia; 
    • Obtaining permits and placing cargoes under special customs procedures;
    • Travelling to a place of shipment of multi-commodity cargoes (spare parts, installation tools) for separation and identification of goods. 

Clients from different economy sectors

Mechanical engineering
Timber industry
Mining industry
Power industry
Construction industry
Metal industry
Oil and gas industry
Automotive industry
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