Dangerous goods transportation

Dangerous goods transportation

FESCO Transport Group has extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous and chemical substances. Dangerous substances of classes 1 - 6 and batteries from class 9 are accepted for transportation by all sea lines, as well as by rail and road in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

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Transportation of hazardous goods, including chemicals, requires special conditions at all stages of transportation. Hazardous goods include substances that can cause harm to human and animal life/health, environment, and all physical objects. Their transportation is regulated by ADR

In accordance with ADR, there are 13 classes of hazardous cargoes:

  1. class 1: explosive substances and products
  2. class 2: gases
  3. class 3: flammable liquids
  4. class 4.1: flammable solids
  5. class 4.2: substances capable of spontaneous combustion;
  6. class 4.3: substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water
  7. class 5.1: oxidizing substances
  8. class 5.2: organic peroxides
  9. class 6.1: toxic substances
  10. class 6.2: infectious substances
  11. class 7: radioactive materials
  12. class 8: corrosive substances
  13. class 9: other hazardous substances and products

The following data are required for preparation and transportation of hazardous substances:

  • Cargo class – shipping name of the substance and its UN number. They are specified in the material safety data sheet(MSDS), the consignor is obliged to submit it to the carrier
  • Transport category
  • Package group and requirements to it
  • Loading, transportation and unloading requirements
  • Vehicle and markings thereon for transportation of the hazardous substance
  • Compatibility with other substances
  • Exact quantity of the cargo to be transported – for the substance itself and its package, – to define possible releases and exemptions

Transportation of hazardous substances with FESCO: types, methods, standards

The substances specified in the UN list are potentially hazardous. If they are properly transported, they cannot cause harm. That is why choosing a carrier is very important. FESCO Group has many years of experience in transportation of hazardous products and chemicals.

FESCO transports hazardous substances from class 1 to class 6 and batteries of class 9 at all sea lines, by rail and by road. For cargoes that require temperature control, RF containers from FESCO's own fleet are used. For liquid bulk cargoes in containers,  flexi-tanks are used, for loose cargoes – liner-bags.

Transported types of cargoes:

  • Mineral and chemical fertilizers
  • Salts
  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Alcohols
  • Medicines, chemicals, perfumes containing  alcohol
  • Rubber, latex

Such substances are transported by special vehicles that can withstand contact with the chemical composition of the cargo and are furnished with additional equipment:

  • For transportation of liquid bulk cargoes by road, special tanks are used
  • Sea delivery is carried out in tank containers and tanks
  • Railway delivery is carried out in special containers, railcars or on platforms. All packages correspond to the cargo type
  • Air transportation is carried out by special cargo planes

FESCO delivers dangerous goods and chemicals in compliance with the required standards

  • All our specialists are trained in occupational safety and are qualified to transport dangerous cargo
  • Special equipment complies with ADR
  • Containers ensure safety of cargo and its properties during transportation
  • Clients are fully informed about transportation of dangerous cargo
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