Container fleet

FESCO Transportation Group operates over 85000 TEU, dimensions of all containers comply with ISO standards.

85 000

Container size
General purpose 40 ft increased volume container (high cube) for transporting general cargo of total weight not exceeding 26.5 tons. Preferable shipment of bulky cargo of low specific weight.
External dimensions
40' × 8' × 9'6'' ft / 12192 × 2438 × 2896 mm
Internal dimensions
12032 × 2352 × 2698 mm
2340 × 2585 mm
Max gross weight
30480 kg / 32500 kg*
Max payload
26640 kg / 28660 kg*
Tare weight
3840 kg
Cubic capacity
76,4 m3
*Reloading equipment of some handling terminals has restrictions regarding payload. Please specify when placing your request.
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