The Union of Russian Ship-owners awarded four managers of FESCO with medals.

11 June 2004
Decision of the Council of Russian Ship-owners Union from 30 January 2004 established special medal for merits in sphere of sea navigation.

FESCO’s managers were awarded with a medal:
- Bogomolnikov Isakiy Vasilievich, captain of refrigerated cargo ship “Bikin”; FESCO.
- Kolesnikov Nikolay Pavlovich, head of the Customs Division; FESCO.
- Miskov Victor Mixailovich, ex-general director of FESCO.
- Sidorenko Anatoliy Nikolaevich, Fleet Safety Department; FESCO.

The Union of Russian Ship-owners has registered in 1994 (Assignee of the Association of Soviet Ship-owners). It’s consisted of 86 organizations.
The member of Unit control 1650 ships.
Nowadays the Unit is member of some Russian and international organizations, such as International Federation of Navigation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation and others.
The medal has been given to managers of organizations - members of Unit, heads of state and social organizations, promoting dynamic development of sea and water transport.

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