The icebreaker “Krasin” passed the half of the route.

11 January 2005
Artur Chilingarov was appointed as coordinator of operation on assistance rendering to the American Antarctic station “McMurdo”, which is provided by Russian icebreaker “Krasin”.

The President of Polar Explorers’ Association, The Hero of Soviet Union Artur Chilingarov was appointed as coordinator of operation on assistance rendering in ship pilotage to the station McMurdo — the main research base of Antarctic Program of US National Research Fund.

This operation will be carried out by icebreaker «Krasin» of Far-Eastern Shipping Company on behalf of Russian Government in reply to the request of US Government to render assistance.

Having in mind the complexity of the task, which the captain and icebreaker crew have, its high state meaning, and also large experience, great prestige and set contacts of Artur Chilingarov with American Polar management, FESCO asked him to become the coordinator of operation. In reply Artur Chilingarov agreed to take part in operation and decided to depart to Antarctic to analyze information on ice conditions in the Ross Sea and coordinate the joint actions of Russian and American icebreakers.

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