The assembly of hull work of the icebreaking vessel "FESCO Sakhalin" is close to the end.

03 December 2004
In Finland on the yard "Kvarner Masa Yards" the work on hull assembly of the icebreaking vessel "FESCO Sakhalin" came to the final stage.

In Finland on the yard «Kvarner Masa Yards» the work on hull assemblage of the icebreaking vessel «FESCO Sakhalin» is being completed. Now the vessel’s hull has already been formed. On the yard, which is recognized as the main world yard for building icebreakers, the last docking of weld seams between the outermost block-sections, and also work on mounting of living quarters, basic vessel equipment — main, harbor and emergency oil-electrical generators, azipods, pumps and separators, cable routing and insulation of quarters are being carried out.

The yard is ready to begin the final and the most difficult stage of shipbuilding. The nearest time satiation of living quarters and conning bridge of the ship, and also implementing of navigation and computer system will begin. The further fast and undisturbed operation of the icebreaker will be provided by implementation of modern technical service programs.

Besides nowadays Far Eastern shipping company is completing the resourcing and education in one of the best Norwegian companies of two relief crews of the ship. Professional specialists get prepared on trainers on similar ships with DP-system work. DP-system allows to keep on one place relatively to the ground with max amplitude of oscillation 1.5 m.

The crew, went through special training, will be fully prepared for fire extinguishing and fighting with oil spill in case of extreme situations, and also moving away from the platform and transportation of rubbish and waste.

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