FESCO transported and installed power equipment for the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant

23 December 2020
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) in partnership with Fagioli S.p.A arranged transportation and installation of power equipment for the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant. The cargo with a total weight of 14.5 thousand freight tons was delivered from Georgia to Armenia by rail and road transport.

Oversized heavy equipment – a gas turbine (205 tons), a transformer (182 tons) and a gas turbine generator (169 tons) were shipped from the port of Poti (Georgia) to Yerevan by rail on a 16-axle transporter.

The rest of the cargo – a steam generator (148 tons), a condenser (85 tons), as well as general cargo were delivered to the construction site by road transport after special transportation permits had been obtained.

The transportation conditions are deemed unique due to the military activities and the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, FESCO’s experts arranged the installation of five units of the delivered power equipment using Lift System 44A portal systems with a carrying capacity of up to 400 tons and a Hydrospex Cylap HSL2000 with a carrying capacity of up to 800 tons. 

FESCO has great experience in transporting heavy and oversized cargo, including construction equipment for nuclear power plants in different countries. In 2020, the Group arranged deliveries for Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh and Akkuyu NPP in Turkey.

Expanding business network and presence in the market for transportation of large-tonnage and oversized cargo are the priority areas of FESCO's business development.


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