FESCO expanding its participation in global system of rendering help to the distressed ships.

09 November 2004
One more FESCO vessel "Vladivostok" obtained certificate of global system of rendering help to the distressed ships. The certificate was handed in by representatives of AMVER coordination center in the beginning of November.

The basis of AMVER automatic searching system is database of ships' location coordinates. The ships, which are registered as participants of the present system, voluntarily and regular submit to the coordination center their coordinates, track and course of movement.

The main function of AMVER system is on-line determination of the ship, which is able to reach the place of emergency situation quicker than other ships and render help to the distressed ship and its crew in short term.

The first proposals of establishment such system were made immediately after the wreck of «Titanic» in 1912, but its realization was hampered because of lack of appropriate technical base.

In 1958 — when computer technique was used for the work with database — AMVER began to function as system of rendering help to the distressed ships in the Atlantic Ocean (AMVER — Atlantic Merchant Vessel Emergency Reporting)

Nowadays AMVER system has become global one, and 12 thousand ships all over the world are its participants.

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