FESCO became official partner of the Arifmetika Dobra foundation

30 October 2020
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) will provide transportation of various goods to the orphanages supported by the Arifmetica Dobra (“The ABC of Good”) charitable foundation. This cooperation is part of the updated strategy of corporate social responsibility of FESCO that will help the Group to maximize its contribution to society using its expertise in the logistics industry.

Within this partnership, FESCO will be delivering computer equipment, ranging from monitors to webcams, to the orphanages supported by the Arifmetika Dobra foundation until the end of 2022. The list includes more than 50 places in 20 regions of Russia, including Novosibirsk, Perm, Krasnoyarsk and Arkhangelsk.

 “We are trying not only to support the professionals of the non-profit sector as we believe that real charity should be professional, but it is also important for us to provide useful assistance. Therefore, we strive to invest resources in the areas where our expertise as a leader in the Russian logistics market can be especially useful. We are very pleased to help the Foundation, and we hope that this project will be developing in the future,” said Yekaterina Grishkovets, Vice-president for External Relations of FESCO.

 “Arifmetika Dobra” is a federal foundation, our wards are orphans who live in orphanages all over the country – from Murmansk to Amur regions. The scope of activity of our foundation is individual online classes with tutors. In order to provide such service to children, it is necessary to equip orphanages, especially the remote ones, with computers and access points to the Internet. Moreover, as this year’s pandemic situation and imposed quarantine measures have shown, the equipment we provide to the orphanages is the only opportunity to manage distance learning not only for the wards of the foundation but also for all children of the orphanage. We are so glad that we have a logistics partner that can help us to solve the transportation problem, enabling us to pay more attention to our charitable programs,” said Katerina Dmitrieva, the Development Director of the Fund.

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