FESCO and Rusfond to carry on the support program for critically ill children of Primorye in 2021

20 February 2021
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) and Rusfond charity foundation will carry on the support program for critically ill children of Primorye in 2021. The Group is planning to donate 5 million rubles.
The program is co-financed and was launched in January 2020. FESCO and Rusford together cover expenses for critically ill children of Primorye: FESCO Group raises 50%, and the rest of the amount is on the Foundation’s subscribers and supporters.

Helping the kids of Primorye is one of the elements of the local community support and development program under the updated strategy of corporate and social responsibility of FESCO. At present, FESCO is the only company that together with Rusfond develops large-scale projects in this region.

“It is essential to us to ensure the sustainable and dynamic development of the Primorye Territory. For this, we need a social environment with a reliable social security system. Our partnership with Rusfond is a part of this system that will help every resident of Primorye in the hour of need,” – noted Ekaterina Grishkovets, vice president for external relations of FESCO.

“With the help of FESCO, Rusfond managed to significantly increase the volume of assistance to children of the Primorye Territory. The donations of FESCO made within the program not only helped to save many children’s lives but also inspired people who live in Primorye to take part in donations, which tripled the fundraising amounts of Rusfond and enabled us to provide help to more children in need of high-cost treatments. For example, 13 children from Primorye received high-tech medical care in 2020, including 6 complex spine surgeries performed in the Medical Center of Far East Federal University in Vladivostok. We also managed to raise funds for expensive medications vital for a child with cancer and liver and kidney transplant,” – said Stanislav Yushkin, the director of regional projects of Rusfond.

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