45 summer recreation companies offered children tickets for FESCO stuff in countryside camps.

09 June 2004
Nowadays FESCO employees got 40 tickets from State Social Fund for spending children’s summer rest

The opportunity to rest gave such campings as “Uynga”, “Romashka”, “Cherepaha”. It’s possible to spend summer in campings in other areas in Primorskiy Kray.
45 summer countryside camps of Primorye gave theirs children tickets also.

A payment of vouchers will execute by join effort of Government of Russia, FESCO and employee.
In 2004 the State Fund gave special means for payment children’s rest from calculation on 3000 rubles.

Decision of FESCO administration and trade union the certain category of staff and sailors
can figure on the share of payment as material help.
Material help will give to the law pay employees; families which have many children, and families without mother or father.

It is suppose, that the average ticket cost as 8500 rubles, aimless payment will give the opportunity to have a rest in summer camps for the most part of FESCO children.

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