Announcement 11/03/2020

03 November 2020
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) reports that there was an attempt to seize an administrative building on the territory of Commercial Port of Vladivostok (“CPV”, the “Port”).

On November 3rd at 6 A.M. the former General Director Zairbek Yusupov arrived at the Port with unauthorized persons and dockers of CPV. He began to spread rumors that all the employees of the Port who take part in supporting him are denied the access to their workplaces.

Acting violently towards the security, Yusupov and his accomplices blocked the entrances and exits to the Port, shut down the work of the enterprise, handed out alcohol to the dockers and encouraged the employees to behave aggressively and violently. As the result, the reports were submitted to the police.

The management of FESCO assures the workers of the Port that all their pass cards are valid, except for the following persons whose cards were annulled (the announcement on this has been made before):

1. Temirkhan Alibekov

2. Elena Shipovskaya

3. Magomed Gamzatov

4. Hadzhimurat Omarov                                                           

5. Evgeny Ilyin

6. Mansur Kadiev

7. Mikhail Mukhoedov

8. Gusein Mukhtarov

9. Yuriy Karandashev

10. Tatiana Levkovskaya

11. Mansur Shugaibov

12. Yuriy Sitnikov

13. Aleksey Fedorov

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